Tasks can be assigned to Contacts (even from Meetings).

Each Task has:

Assignee - the person or Role who will be responsible for completing the Task

Title - a useful description/overview

Description - More detailed explanation of the Task

Due Date - The date due for a one-off Task type.

Start Date - For a Task that repeats, you can set a Start Date.

  • Repeat - can be set for Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly
  • Every - the number of Days, Weeks etc the Task repeats
  • On - the actual date (Month/Day) the Task repeats
  • End date - can either be set to "No end day" (which means the Task will repeat until it is turned off) or "End by" for a finite end date.

Send Reminder - a reminder email can be optionally sent on the due date or 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 days before the Task is due

Followers - Contacts from within your Organisation can be set as Followers who should be notified when the Task is either updated or completed. You can have multiple Followers for a Task e.g. your Committee.

Attachments - You can add Attachments, where required, to a Task. The Attachment is also then available in the Storage area, under Tasks.

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