In Invoices, we now have the facility to add line items, to apply tax and to keep the invoice active for you to add to it, if required.

Note. You will need to go to Organisation Settings > Finance Settings > Taxes and record the tax that is relevant to you first.
(Enter the tax rate as a decimal. For example, 10% = 0.10)

Create a new invoice by going to Finances > > New invoice.

Fill out all the relevant fields and then you will have the choice to either Complete and Send or by clicking on the down arrow just to the right, you can choose from three other options (Complete and Send, Save as Draft, Complete and Print, Complete).

You can send this invoice immediately to the client by pressing Complete and Send. By selecting anything but Save As Draft the invoice will automatically go into Money Owed/Due, Save As Draft will put it into Drafts.

However until the invoice is paid in full you can add items or partial payments to it.

Go to Money Owed/Due or Drafts (depending on where you have saved it) and select the relevant category and then the invoice number this will bring up this screen.

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