You can use your own domain name and have it direct to your TidyHQ site by using our Custom Domain add-on.

Once you've enabled the Custom Domain add-on

You need to set up your domain so that it can communicate with TidyHQ.

You do this by setting up either an "A Record" or a "CNAME Record" with your domain provider, which one depends on the kind of domain you want to connect.

You can test the domain you want to setup and it will tell you which type of record you will need to configure. In general if you're connecting a subdomain, such as you will need to setup a "CNAME Record" to

Please note that it's actually supposed to be literally and not

If you are using your domain name without anything in front of it such as "" you will need to setup an "A Record". Your "A Record" should then be set to

Please note that you need to add "" (with "www") and "" (without "www") separately, since they are considered to be two different domains.

NB: You need to have enabled the Custom Domain add-on for this to work.

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