A chargeback is when a buyer (Organisation Member) requests their banking institution to reverse a transaction on their Statement that has already been cleared. A buyer has the right to claim a chargeback with his or her bank based on credit card regulations and timeframes.

Although a chargeback may appear to be a claim on the Organisation, it’s actually a process that is granted to a cardholder by their bank and initiated outside of the Organisation's and TidyHQ's control.

A common reason for payment reversals or chargebacks are:

  1. A buyer makes a purchase, but believes that the seller failed to fulfil their side of the agreement
  2. A buyer makes a purchase and forgets they made the purchase and claims a chargeback from their bank.

Each time a Chargeback is initiated by a member, a notice is sent to TidyHQ who then contacts the member to reverse the chargeback. If the charge back is not reversed within 14 days the process as per the example below comes into action.

A member pays their annual fees of $100 to their Organisation. The member receives their bank statement and sees a debit of $100 from TidyHQ and not the name of their club, therefore contacting their bank for a refund which is credited back to the member but in the meantime the Club has received the $100. If the chargeback is not reversed TidyHQ then receives a demand from the bank to pay the $100 plus a $30 banking fee. TidyHQ then requests the Organisation to pay the $130.

It is important that the Administrator add a note onto their invoices (Settings > Invoices and Expenses > Footer Information) that their member’s payments may show up on the members statements as a TidyHQ transaction and not as a transaction from their Organisation. Even though the statement says an amount was debited to TidyHQ the funds go direct to the Organisation.

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