Contacts may unsubscribe from specific Group emails or, they may unsubscribe from all email communication.
Note: Before you reinstate them it would be wise to ensure first that they wish to receive either the particular Group messages or emails

Resubscribe a Contact to a Group

Sometimes, Contacts may unsubscribe to particular Groups, but then wish to be resubscribed at a later time.
To resubscribe a Contact to a specific Group, edit their details and select Groups.

You can then re-subscribe the Contact to the required Group Messages

Check the box of the Group you wish the Contact to be resubscribed.

Resubscribe for General Emails

Find the Contact you wish reinstate and go to their profile and Edit Details.
You can then select the Subscribed for Messages option. A popup with information about re-subscribing Contacts will appear (ensure that the Contact wants to be re-subscribed).

A quick way to find Contacts who have unsubscribed to all messages is to view the Unsubscribed Smart Group.

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