When your organisation reaches the limit of a plan, the platform lock will be implemented. Limiting the functionality of the platform. 

Platform Lock: The platform lock stops the creation of new items on the platform such as; contacts, membership levels, meetings, events etc. You will not be able to create any new items until you have upgraded or under the limit of your active plan. 

Your data will stay safe on the platform until you decide what to do. You can export all of your data at any time. No data is deleted when the platform is locked.

Hitting a plan limit while downgrading: When downgrading all usage limits on apps, storage and emails will be implemented immediately. This includes locking access to the platform for administrators that don't have full access.  

App Limit: If you’re over the app limit you’ll be required to select the apps you’d like to keep active. Once an app is deactivated it will no longer sync with TidyHQ. We still keep all of your deactivated apps data, you just can’t access their functionality. 

Email Limit: If your email limit is reached. All pending emails will be queued until your email quota resets or you add more emails to your quote by upgrading plans.

Admin permissions – downgrading to the Mini plan – Admin Lock:  
If users have full access before the downgrade, they will retain full access. If they have limited access (e.g. Contacts + Memberships access only) they will be locked from the platform until a full access administrator grants them full access.

The 'Admin Lock' will block access to the dashboard:

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