Just as you can Upgrade your plan at any time, likewise you can also downgrade your Plan. 

Plan Limits: When downgrading all usage limits on apps, storage and emails will be implemented immediately. 

Credit: Any remaining time on your current billing period will be prorated as credit. For example, if you’re on the Plus monthly plan and you have 10 days remaining until your next bill we will  credit you around $3.20.
Apps: If you’re over the app limit you’ll be required to select the apps you’d like to keep active. Once an app is deactivated it will no longer sync with TidyHQ. We still keep all of your deactivated apps data, you just can’t access their functionality. 

1. Go to Billing > Plans and select the plan you’d like to downgrade to

2. Follow the instructions to downgrade 

3. Your plan will be updated and all relevant restrictions will be in place

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