Your organisation is starting to use TidyHQ a whole lot more, requiring extra apps, emails, storage or even better support – next move is upgrading to a paid plan. 

Here’s the steps you need to take:   

  1. Head over to the Billing area, found in the side menu and select the Billing tab

2. Select the Plans section of Billing 

Click the green Upgrade button for the plan you wish to upgrade to.

3. Payment amount

You'll see the payment options screen and if you have any TidyHQ credit available it will go towards the payment of your plan. Existing credit will be used first and any remaining balance will be charged to your card. 

In the below example this organisation has $60 of TidyHQ credit. They're about to upgrade to a Pro Plan and pay annually, so that's $99. They can see that less their $60 credit, the outstanding amount that they'll have to pay is $39.00. Since this organisation doesn't have an active card on their account yet, they'll add their card details in here and click Upgrade Plan to complete the transaction. 

4. Transaction complete
You'll get an email to confirm the transaction and upgrade has been successfully been completed and you can check out your new quotas within the Overview tab in Billing.

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