We have two plans to suit your group or organisation's needs.

The Pro Plan ($79 per month or $890 annually) includes 25GB of storage, 30,000 emails per month, unlimited Apps, and unlimited activity feed with priority support.

The Starter Plan (free but limited) includes 5GB of storage, 100 emails per month, 2 Apps, and 90 days of activity feed with priority support.

One Simple Pro Plan, $79/month

Unlock all features with TidyHQ Pro. Run your organisation with everything you need. Pay $79 monthly with no commitment, or $890 annually, for a good discount.

Pricing and features

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¹Transaction fees are calculated at 1% + A$0.20 plus Stripe rates. Stripe rates vary based on country, domestic card or international card vary. Full details on Stripe rates via the Stripe website. Displayed payment processing fees are calculated using Australian rates for domestic cards.
Plans are billed in Australian Dollars ($A).

We also offer:

Starter Plan, limited but free

Try the core tools of TidyHQ for free. Great for very small organisations, or solo projects.

Pricing and features

Note that all pricing is in Australian Dollars and includes GST.

For more information on plans and billing, check out the Guide to Billing page.

For Associations Comprising Multiple Organisations/Clubs

The Association App in TidyHQ can also provide you with effortless management for your entire Association. This allows you to extend the power of TidyHQ and connect a Parent/Child group of organisations. This is a paid enterprise extension for TidyHQ.

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