TidyHQ's contact table is designed to allow you to customise the information you want diaplayed for your contacts.

The first thing you want to do once logged in to your TidyHQ account is click on Contacts on the left hand side of your dashboard.

1. Search - From here you can search for an individual user in the search box towards the top of the screen.
2. New Contact -
Here you can add a new contact
3. Configure Columns -
Click on the table icon on the right hand side. This will then bring up the configure columns pop up. Here you can select any information you wish to be displayed within your contacts table. The options are Default, Membership & Custom. 

The custom options are auto-populated from the custom fields you have created within the Organistation Settings -------Custom Fields. 

4. Filter - The second option you have to customise your display is to filter your information. To access this you will want to click on the little icon just to the right of the Actions button

Select Add Filter. You will then have four options.

Membership - Allows you to select what Membership Level you display and the status of that membership

Subscription Start Date - Allows you to select a date range start point 

Subscription End Date - Allows you to select a date range end point

Groups - Allows you to select a specific Group you want displayed

Now you have the information you are after, what is it you want to do with it.

5. Actions -  
Export All - Your CSV will be generated and will be emailed to the email address you have registered. This can take up to an hour.
Add to Group -
Here you must select All or any contacts you want to add to an existing Group or you can create a New Group
Merge -
Select the contact you want to merge. Merging moves all notes, emails, finances and tasks to the Primary contact.
Trash - 

This removes selected contacts from:

  • Groups
  • Tasks
  • Active memberships
  • User permissions
  • Meeting topics & attendance records
  • Outstanding invoices (re-assigned to "deleted contact")
  • Family Links (Unlinks all contacts)

Transaction records associated with them will be saved.

Alternatively you can Print your contact list by going to the Print button within your web browser. 

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