If you have collected the membership payment via Stripe you will be able to click the refund from within TidyHQ.

View the transactions at Finances > Transactions.

From the Actions menu (on the right hand side), select Refund.

The information about the transaction will appear in a popup box. Select the Refund button to refund the amount required.

Note: All monies (including fees - see note re Stripe below) will be refunded to the Contact (except in the case where a partial refund is made).

Please note: Stripe has since changed their refund policy so they no longer refund the full amount. Instead, Stripe refunds the amount minus their fees. TidyHQ will still refund the TidyHQ portion of the transaction fees to the customer.

If your Contact has paid via other means you will need to refund them manually.

To Cancel one of their Memberships head to Memberships > Reports > Click on the Number next to the relevant Membership and click the Cancel button on the right side of the subscription details.

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