When you sign up to TidyHQ you'll select one of the available plans. You can upgrade or downgrade at any time and keep track of all your billing information from within the Billing dashboard.

You will find the Billing section of your account by clicking on Billing in the left- hand side of your admin menu.

You will then see the following window, which is the Overview of your current plan.

You'll be able to quickly get an idea of your current usage, when your email usage gets renewed, how much credit you have and who receives email contact about billing.

From the billing Overview page you can access several other sections about your billing:

  • Plans
  • Payment Methods
  • Contacts; and
  • History

See what your plan includes and what upgrade or downgrade options you have.

Payment Methods
Review the payment card on file or change card details.

Review and edit who's receiving billing updates. There needs to be at least one contact. By default it will be the account owner.

Review your billing transactions over time and remaining balance.

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