You can easily send emails to Contacts or Groups from within TidyHQ.

Note: When sending an email to multiple Contacts, each Contact is not able to see the other recipients. TidyHQ automatically "BCCs" the other recipients details to protect their privacy.

Pick a Contact or Group: Manage the recipient list by selecting a Group or even Groups and Contacts. Any Contact in your TidyHQ will be available to receive an email.

Subject: This is the first thing people will see in their Inbox. Make it relevant and make sure it doesn’t sound like a Spam email.

Scheduled to be sent at: Optional, but very handy! You can choose a date & time for the email to be sent. Using the Schedule option also allows you time to "draft" an email - it will be available for editing until actually sent.

Body: All sorts of formatting options are available using the standard toolbar. You can also include inline images from your Storage to give the message a bit of zing!

Attachments: You can attach files (PDFs, Spreadsheets etc) to your message. However, if you want to keep the message light & breezy (especially for people on mobile devices), consider using Storage for the file and just include a link.

Tip: Use the Preview option (at the bottom of the Body field) to make sure your email looks its best and you've included all your information.

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