Creating Membership Levels is easy - and very configurable!

Here's some information about the fields:

Note: we now have the ability of choosing how many days before the membership expires that the Expiry notice be sent out.

Membership Details

1. Membership Name 

2. Active

Once your Membership Level is Active it will be viewable by the public.

However, if you wish, you can set the date a Membership Level will be visible to the public (e.g. future sport seasons etc).

The "Unchecked" setting is also for Levels such as Life Members and, for example, by invitation only memberships.

3. Membership Description

The membership description appears on your public page, just above the start & end dates and cost, when the prospective member views the Membership Levels.

This field is optional.

Membership Pricing

4. Length

Enter number into the first field and select time span (days, weeks, months, years) from the drop down.

5. Membership Type

Rolling Membership Type means that the Member will be asked to renew their Membership at the end of each period. The period starts when they first register for Membership.

Fixed Membership Type means that the period is fixed, and that the Membership period begins when you say it does, regardless of when the Member actually signs up. This Membership amount will stay fixed regardless of when the Member first signs up. The Member will also get an email at the end of the period to renew their Membership.

6. Individual/Family 

An Individual Membership is for Memberships where single memberships will be purchased.

A Family Membership allows a buyer to purchase a Family Membership and then add Family Members for a set 'Additional Family Membership Fee'.

7. Membership Price

The cost of the Membership for the Length set up above.

Note: You must have a payment system setup (PayPal or Stripe) set up before you can accept new Memberships via TidyHQ. You also should remember to set up your Date, Time and Currency preferences.

8. Category

Choose from list or add a new category as required. Categories can be viewed/managed in Organisation Settings.

9. Auto-Renew

This membership/plan will renew automatically until your Member cancels. You must have a Stripe Account for Auto-Renew to work.

The member has the ability to cancel at any time by signing into their account to adjust their settings.

New Member Data

10. Require waiver

The waiver is a document outlining the legal responsibilities of the Club and the member that your member signs as an agreement with your club.

Sending a Waiver is optional. You can choose to de-select and therefore not have a Waiver sent to a new Member.

11. Welcome email

The Welcome message will go to the Contact when they join as a Member.

12. Expiry Mail

The expiry email is sent to the Contact on the day their Membership expires.

Note: If you have previously setup (before creating the Membership Level) either the Waiver, Welcome or Expiry emails in Organisation Settings, then these will be will be the "default" emails to appear in the Membership.

However, any changes that you may make to the Organisation Settings emails after you've created your Memberships will not be reflected in those memberships.

13. Membership field options

Membership Field Options are the fields you want new members to fill out when signing up. By default, First Name, Last Name and Email are required on all new Memberships.

You can make them a Required field meaning they can not complete the Membership unless they give you the information.

Making a field Optional means that it will display but it is optional for the new Member to fill out.

You can also include Custom Field data (as either optional or required) to be collected with a new Membership.

14. Auto-add Member to Group

By default, it selects Members but other group(s) can be added if required.

15. Notifications

Allows you to select a person (in addition to the Administrator) to be notified. Each Membership Level can have a different Contact notified, if required.

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