TidyHQ enables you customise the emails sent to a Member when they join and/or when their Membership expires.

You can choose to have the same Waiver, Welcome Message and Expired Membership message for all membership levels at Organisation Settings / Memberships OR they can be overwritten for each Membership Level and edited for particular memberships at Memberships / Membership Levels and edit them at New Member Data as required.


The waiver is a document outlining the legal responsibilities of the Club and the member that your member signs as an agreement with your club.

In your Membership Levels, you can choose to de-select and therefore not have a Waiver sent to a new Member.


The Welcome message will go to the Contact when they join as a Member.

Expiry Mail

The expiry email can also be edited. When you are setting your membership levels in Memberships > New membership level.

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